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Wild Drum Carder

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Wild Drum Carder

Carding Width: 10cm (4inches)
Max Batt size: 40gm (1 1/2oz) batt
Finished batt size: 60 x 15cm (24 x 6inches)
Weight: 3.5kg (7 3/4lbs)
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The Wild Carder is specifically designed for blending and creating exciting fun, funky and wild batts for spinning and felting.
Create unique blends with added extras - fibers, fabrics, ribbons, feathers, noils, cocoons, paper and more.

The carding width is 4inches which produces a handy size batt ready to spin. The carder is portable and compact and has a with built-in hand hold. Comes assembled and beautifully lacquered.

Also includes:
- Cleaning brush - stores conveniently under the feed-in tray
- Doffer (Awl) - stores conveniently on the side - ready to use
- Clamps

  • Built-in adjustable packer brush - packs fibre more efficiently onto the large drum and allows "added extras" to be packed into your batt.
  • Extra long teeth - allows you to make a thicker batt and to keep all your "added extras" in your batt